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Army Target Pistol Shooting looks to hone individual marksmanship skills on both .22 rim fire and .177 air pistols. Precision shooting competitions tend to use single shot air pistols at 10 metres, as well as .22 rim fire at 50 metres. For the ultimate challenge, try the ‘Rapid Fire’ competition. Particularly appealing to those in the Services, it requires a steady hand under pressure as the firer engages 5 targets in 4 seconds. Rapid Fire is an Olympic competition and is competed using semi-auto .22 rim fire pistols, though the build-up training can be achieved using 5 round magazine air pistols. All competitions are governed and conducted by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF)

The pathway to success

Initially the Army Target Pistol Squad looks to improve their standards by holding various training weekends and fun competitions throughout the year. Open to all ranks of the Army, events cater for male and females competitors. Those who show they have the skill and temperament to progress are encouraged to enter the Inter-Services competitions. World standard competitors and coaches observe these events and any talent is actively being sought to represent Team GB at World Cup events, the Commonwealth Games and ultimately the Olympics.

Benefits to Service shooting

Merely taking part in a fun, competitive sport organised by the Army, improves an individual’s skill and builds up their confidence. Marksmanship skills in pistol shooting are entirely transferable to all Service shooting, whether operating crew served weapons or completing the Annual Combat Marksmanship Test on SA80. These skills, once learned, improve the firer and enable them to pass on useful techniques to others.

The Way Ahead

Army Target Pistol Shooting courses have been successfully run at the heart of all target shooting at Bisley in Surrey and are open to all members of the Services. A nominal entry fee (reclaimable) enables individuals to gain top class tuition for several days, while being accommodated and fed away from the pressures of their own Unit, allowing beginners to test their skill, while those more experienced can benefit from other’s guidance and tips. Those that enjoy it and show promise can gain a place on the Army Target Pistol Squad, with the opportunity of gaining places on the ‘Troops to Target’ programme, where the Army aims to create a team of suitable standard to compete on the World circuit and ultimately to represent Team GB at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

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Hythe Lodge, Elcho Road
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