On Sunday 10th September 2017 at a Section 5 qualifying match held at Cheylesmore Range, Bisley, SSgt Rebecca Carnell scores her first GB qualifying score in Women’s Sport Pistol (.22 Cartridge) event.  Rebecca’s GB qualifying score of 578 (-13X) makes for a new lifetime personal best in this discipline. Strong performance was continued by Capt Kay Brass whom started competing in the discipline earlier this year.  Kay set herself a new competition personal best score of 560/600 (-9X).


For one week starting Monday 2nd October 2017, the Army’s annual Target Pistol Championships (TP Champs) were held at Cheylesmore B Range, Bisley. 

The week saw a number of service men and women competing in Target Pistol, of which the 10m Air match being one of the ISSF Olympic Pistol events.  The week held pre-competition training for all, and a total of 3 competition matches.  Those matches were 25m Air Pistol Standard, 25m Sport Pistol (Air), and 10m Air Pistol (60 shot).

Well done to Sgt Ian Jack for becoming this year’s Target Pistol Champion.  His aggregate score of 1654 placed him in 1st place, with 2nd place going to SSgt Rebecca Carnell with a score of 1627.  Just 9 points away and with 3rd place was Cpl Darren Alexander with 1618, also making him 1st in his class (O).
For this year’s full Championship Results, please find them by following the ‘Results’ link on the Pistol Page.  For photographs of the event, simply follow the links to ‘Gallery’ on this website.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to all those that attended and competed this year.   All of your individual efforts helping with the setting up and closing down of the ranges each day has been greatly appreciated.  The Army Target Pistol Team would also like to thank Rachel Westlake (ISSF RSO) running all of the competitions and allowing everything to run smoothly and on time.

Target Pistol Training Camp in Suhl, Germany with Ralf Schumann - August 2017

The Army Marksmanship Training Centre (AMTC) deployed 6 full time sport pistol athletes from the Troops To Target (T2T) programme to Suhl, Germany, for a once in a life-time opportunity to receive coaching and training in the Rapid Fire (RF) and Sports Pistol (SP) disciplines. In Suhl, the athletes received world-class coaching from Europe’s most decorated shooters, Mr Ralf Schumann, former World and three-time Olympic Champion. Included within these 6 pistol firers was Capt Kay Brass, SSgt Rebecca Carnell, Sgt Sam Gowin, Cpl Savannah Foster, LCpl Caitlyn Anderson and LCpl Sudin Gurung. Over the 9-day training period, the athletes were training in Suhl’s world class range facilities. This was a great opportunity for the shooters to build on their experience of shooting in the international environment, to help prepare themselves for future World Cup Competitions and Olympic Games.

Ralf Schumann Key Facts (Courtesy of
    - First of two sport shooters to have won three Olympic Gold Medals in one individual event (25m Rapid Fire Pistol)
    - Participated in seven consecutive Olympic Games since 1988, setting a new record for most Olympic Appearances by a German athlete.


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The Army Target Shooting Team attended Intershoot for the second year running.  The international competition provides an ideal training opportunity for all competitors as they can shoot three full matches during the three day tournament. The competition is open to women shooters, for a 40 shot match and men, for a 60 shot match, both at 10 meters in Air Pistol.  All matches are shot according to ISSF rules. 

This year all 13 firers, including 10 pistol, and 3 rifle, produced some strong scores, at what was their first International competition of the year.  For our Rifle Shooter Gdsm Andy Connor, this was his first International competition with the Shooting Team.

Sgt Ian Jack kick started the competition on Day 1 by securing a place in the Air Pistol Men’s final by coming 7th overall in the qualification match with a solid score of 568/600.  Ian worked hard and performed well in the knock out stages of the final, despite the pressures of being up against the likes of Hong Kong, Brazil, Denmark and Aruba’s top shots.

Strong performances continued with results from Air Pistol Women matches.  Since starting target pistol 4 months ago, Capt Kay Brass, Cpl Savannah Foster and LCpl’s Caitlyn Anderson and Halina Finch put in some consistent scores for their three matches, most, maintaining their training averages.  Well done to Kay for setting herself a competition PB with a score of 346/400 on Day 2.

Day 2’s successes were finalised with a Silver Medal win, won by Ian Jack alongside fellow England ESSU shooters for the Air Pistol Men’s Team Event.

The final day brought one more final for the Army Shooters in Netherlands this year.  Again, Ian Jack made the Air Pistol Men’s final with a consistent score in his qualification match of 568/600, placing him 8th overall.  Unfortunately, his consistency wasn’t enough to gain him a medal place this time, but he did well to jump up 1 position to secure 7th place in the knock out stages.

With the first International competition of the year done, the Army’s Target Shooters look forward to their return for a busy training programme in preparation for next month’s competition in Dortmund, Germany.


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A total of 13 athletes, comprised of 9 pistol and 4 rifle, represented the Army Target Shooting Team this year at the British Open Air Gun Champs 2017.

The meeting includes both air rifle and air pistol events and runs from Friday to Sunday.  It is normally held in late February/early-March.  The meeting is run to modified ISSF rules, but the British Open Championships adhere to full ISSF Rules.  The meeting currently attracts about 300 competitors.

This time round all firers produced some very strong scores across the board with performances resulting in a PB, Finals and a Silver Medal.  WO1 Zoe Bruce made the final in her 10m Air Rifle Women event, placing 8th overall.  For pistol, a competition personal best was set by Cpl Savannah Foster scoring 356/400 in the 10m Air Pistol Women’s event.  Finally, for pistol, Sgt Ian Jack shot impressively in the 10m Air Pistol Men’s finals gaining SIX places in the knock out stages from his original 8th place qualification position.  Well done goes out to Ian who deservedly won the Silver Medal.


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Day 1: Sgt Ian Jack missed out of RFP final by one place coming 5th in the Qualification match with a score of 552.  Ian was closely followed by his fellow Army shooters Sgt Sam Gowin and LCpl Sudin Gurung with scores of 536 and 534 respectively.  Gowin also represented GB for the first time in competition.

Day 2: SSgt Rebecca Carnell scored 357 making it her new International competition PB score.

Day 3: First .22 competition for Capt Kay Brass, Cpl Savannah Foster and LCpl’s Halina Finch and Caitlyn Anderson.  Caitlyn Anderson kick started her first .22 competition coming on top with a score of 531 whom was closely followed by SSgt Rebecca Carnell with a score of 528.

Day 4: The ISAS Championships was finished off with the final matches of the competition including the Air Rifle Women and Men matches shot by WO1 Zoe Bruce and Cpl Stuart Hill.


Link to results: < /h4> This year the Army Target Shooting Team sent a total of 8 pistol firers and 1 rifle, whilst the remaining stayed on home soil to compete in the Annual ESSU Championships, whom would later join the rest of the team in Germany for the upcoming ISCH 2017.

Cpl Stuart Hill started the competition in Berlin with his 50m Rifle Prone Event where he put in a strong performance placing him 29th out of the total 77 competitors in the qualification round.

Sgt Ian Jack found his home again in the finals of IWK this year for the first 25m RFP Men’s event.  Since coming an impressive 3rd place in the Qualification match with a score of 555/600 that include ‘9 X’s’ he continued onto the finals match where he just missed out on a medal position coming 5th overall.

The second and final 25m RFP Men’s event saw Ian and Sgt Sam Gowin make the final.  In qualification Sam came on top in 5th place scoring 554 which was closely followed with 551 by Ian placing him 6th.  After a high-pressure final between the fellow Army shooters, Ian managed to gain himself one place with some very convincing scores which resulted in him beating his opposition placing him 5th and Sam coming 6th overall.


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Well done goes out to our Army Target Shooters that competed in this year’s ESSU Championships.  The amount of finals made, personal bests achieved and even a silver medal shows just how much hard work went into the training leading up to and on the day of the matches.  

Highlights include WO1 Zoe Bruce making the final in the 50m Rifle Three Position Women event by coming a strong 5th place in the qualification match.  Zoe kept up the pace by securing herself a place in the top 8 in the 50m Rifle Prone Women event, coming 7th overall.

Sgt Ian Jack just missed out on a medal win coming 4th in the final of the 10m Air Pistol Men event, but still did very well since coming 5th overall in the qualification match.

A special well done goes to SSgt Rebecca Carnell for achieving a national competition PB with a score of 367/400 in the 10m Air Pistol Women’s event which deservedly won her a silver medal for the ESSU Confined event. 


Link to results:

WO1 Zoe Bruce is the star of the show and sets a new British Record of 624.3, winning Gold Medal!  Read our ‘Zoe Bruce Sets New British Record’ news update for more information and photographs on this achievement.

SSgt Rebecca Carnell puts in a strong performance in the 25m Pistol Women (Cartridge) event scoring an impressive 556/600 which sets her a new overall competition PB.  Rebecca’s score was also counted as the Section 5 (S5) MCS set by British Shooting, so a special well done goes out to her for hitting this all-important score to get her license.

Sgt Sam Gowin continues the successes in Hannover by also scoring highly enough to count towards the S5 MCS for RFP (Cartridge) event.  Sam’s result was well above the MCS, scoring 566/600 in the event, placing him in the top 8 overall.

All in all, ISCH this year was a successful one to say the least, and all our Army athletes should be very proud of their achievements.  Hard work really does pay off!


A very special well done goes out to both SSgt Rebecca Carnell and Sgt Sam Gowin for achieving above the minimum consideration scores set by British Shooting, to be considered by the Home Office, in order to be granted a Section 5 (S5) Firearms Licence.  

Since the Hand-Gun ban came into place in 1997, the S5 has become more difficult than ever to acquire, with the licence being strictly limited to elite sport pistol athletes.  These athletes are required to shoot at a high accuracy level at Major International or Domestic Matches under ISSF Rules.  Once the pair have completed the Home Office process and have received S5 status, they will both be able to train and compete more freely with their Sport Pistols on home turf and overseas.


The AMTC is seeking prospective shooting talent for future Commonwealth and Olympic Games. Under the auspices of the Army Elite Sport Programme, GB Shooting and the English Institute of Sport, the AMTC is running trials for any soldier who wishes to be considered.  This ABN gives details of the scheme and of how soldiers may participate.


The scheme is open to all regular service personnel and, when authorised by their Chain of Command, to reserve personnel.


The shooting disciplines are the Olympic events in small-bore rifle, .22 pistol, air rifle and air pistol shooting.

No previous shooting experience is required but those wishing to partake in the trials must have completed the basic rifle or pistol course run by the AMTC.

Trials, which are conducted twice a year, are published on the Army Shooting website ( as are the requisite course dates.

The AMTC will approach the CO of those successful at trials and request that the soldier be released on loan to the AMTC for a period up to 6 months. During this period , they will enter full time training with the aim of reaching the qualifying standard for GB Olympic Pathway status.

Partaking in the scheme will require total commitment. The training will require many weekends of competing at home and abroad and will have implications on private/family life.  There will also be an element of personal financial cost involved – which will be explained in more detail at the trials.


The following is to be repeated on Unit Routine Orders:

There is an opportunity for regular and reserve Army personnel to become Olympians in the sport of shooting.  Full details can be found in ABN16/17 or email to request details.


94211 8081

01483 798081


From 3-7 Oct the Army Championships took place at Bisley National Shooting Centre in Surrey.  Personnel from across the Army from numerous cap badges, and even some RAF, arrived to shoot in the annual event which sees competitors compete in three disciplines for the coveted title of Army Target Pistol Champion 2017.  The first discipline was STANDARD PISTOL in which the course of fire is 60 shots fired in consecutive series progressively getting faster at a precision target placed at 25m.  Initially the first  four series consist of 5 shots in 150 Sec, which is a more precision based element of the shoot.  This then progressively gets faster over time dropping to 5 shots fired in 20 Sec and then 5 shots in 10 Secs.  As the time limit decreases the importance on your marksmanship principles increases.

The 2nd discipline fired was SPORT PISTOL.  Sport pistol is typically shot by women at the Olympics with .22 cal pistols.  The course of fire for Sport Pistol is shot as 2 elements, the Precision phase and the Rapid phase.  In the Precision Phase 30 shots are fired in series of 5 shots per series over 5 minutes at a precision target at 25m (the same used in the Standard Pistol match).  The Rapid stage consists of 30 shots fired at a Rapid fire target at 25m.  The target is exposed for 3 sec in which the firer has to fire his shot.  After 3 secs the target will edge for 7 secs whilst the firers lowers his pistol to 45% after which he will have to raise and engage the target again in 3 secs.

The 3rd and final discipline is 10M AIR PISTOL.  This is a one of the most precise shooting disciplines available and also one of the most difficult.  Firing a 1.77 pellet 10 meters at the 'X' ring (the dead centre of the target) which is also 1.77mm in diameter.  The course of fire for this event was 60 shots in 75 mins.

The Army Championships 2017 saw a new Champion come to the top in the form of Maj Jim Russell to claim the title of Army Target Pistol Champion 2017 winning overall. Other success's include SSgt Rebecca Carnell (RMP) overall women's Champion and Sgt Ian Jack (Intelligence Corps) winning Standard Pistol and Sport Pistol in his category.


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